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Youth service is a great time of
fellowship for the youth in the
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Welcome to Eagles Haven   
HOSHEA 8:1-2; ISAIAH / YESHAYahu 40:31;    
* Our Vision is to see our congregation filled with beleivers  who are
passionate about the Word of YaHuWaH and living in His abundance in His
goodness= Towb-ness.
* We desire to minister to those who are in need and to those who have
knowledge of the Shalom and joy from the Master Yahushua our Messiah.  
* Our goal is to touch the lives and reach the hearts of Bikers, Truckers,  
1st Nation young & old, Local Neighbors and travelers alike. We welcome
those   who come to our congregation for praise and worship, Nazoraeam  
fellowship, Torah teaching and training of the Word of YaHuWaH.
* We dedicate our lives in sharing the good news to everyone according to
the Besorah Great Commission to be grafted in to the house of Yisrael.
* We commit ourselves to the work of the Reign of YaHuWaH. Outreaches
and Teaching evangelism, feeding and clothing the needy families,  
creative ministry to reach out to the youth, adults and 1st Nation Native  
American Tribes.
* We are a Set Apart house of YaHuWaH, ready to empower and equip the
lives of others in spiritual warfare with confidence. Going out and being
living witness of our Messiah's supernatural resurrected power wherever
they go.  To succeed in being filled with love, joy, Shalom, satisfaction  and
an abundant Chay'im with YaHushua  as Watchmen Nazirite,            
Hebrew Naziyr, Greek-Nazoraeam. Numbers 6:2;  Judges 13:5;  Matth 2:23;  
Acts 22:8;   Acts 24:5,14;  26:14;
4th  Day: 7:pm-Midweek Service Yom Reh'viee
6th  Day:
7:pm-EHC Youth Service Yom shee'she
7th  Day:
11:A.M.-"SABBATH" Video Recording
7th  Yom  
12:P.M. Sabbath Open Service Then
              After: Shabbat Meal & Fellowship
Service Times:
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Wings of Fire Ministry
Years ago
Eliyahu was
Interviewed &
traveled to help film
& Interview 4 this
movie doc
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version of story
Eliyahu's verse by verse (click ^)
scriptural  teaching on the 25th
Dynasty-Ethiopian Black Pharaoh